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CrossFit Competitions – 7 Things Competitors Need To Know

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1) Taper Your Load and Intensity

In the week leading up to the event you will want to look at reducing the load and intensity. It is only one day of competition so up until Wednesday you can workout as you normally would but look at slightly tapering the intensity of each workout from Monday to Wednesday. (e.g.. 100-90-80%) Between Wednesday and Saturday is your time to prioritise your recovery so you are fresh and ready to go for Saturday morning.

2) You Can’t Get Any Fitter Or Stronger In One Week

Believe me when I say this; there is nothing you can do to increase your fitness, strength or performance capabilities in the week leading up to the competition apart from fuelling your body correctly and getting lots of rest and recovery. Your body will perform better on the day if it is completely rested and has been fuelled to handle the demands of the day. Working on weaknesses and practising the pre-released workouts in this time frame will only set you up for failure on the day.

3) The Night Before

Lots of sleep is important, it is a long day and the last thing you want is to be tired before you even start. Plan to have a good 8+ hours sleep the night before and it will make the world of difference the next day. Do what ever it takes to head into the day rested and recovered. Anything you can do to reduce the stress the next day is going to help you a tonne so make sure that you have pre-packed your bag, have prepped all your food and supplements and have everything you need ready so that your not rushing around in the morning!

3) Fuelling For Your Workout

Treat competition day the same as you would for any other workout you do during the week. Use the same routines and don’t stray to far from the norm. The day of the comp is not the day to try new energy gel packs or pre-workout mixes. If you haven’t tried it or tested it before the competition to see how it effects you then the day of competition is not the day to try it. What works well for some people doesn’t work well for others, I learnt that the hard way.

4) Fuelling Between Workouts

This needs to be something that is easily digestible. I would recommend our “Post Workout Shake” as the perfect fuel between workouts but remember don’t try this on the day if you haven’t tried it before. Other good fuel source’s can be mashed sweet potatoes, avocado, banana’s, coconut water, protein bars and recovery drinks like Kill Cliff and FitAid. Don’t have a big meal as a full stomach is only going to make you feel sluggish and make it hard for you to breath.

5) Stick To Your Plan

Have a plan for each workout and stick to that plan (speak to our coaches if you need help with this). The biggest mistake you can make is to change your plan and start pacing yourself off someone else. That being said the best laid plans can dramatically change in an instant. If you have to change the plan change it to suite you and your abilities and not to follow someone else and their abilities.

6) Pace Yourself And Make Each Rep Count

Pace yourself! Maintain a calm steady pace from the start and then finishing strong. Don’t be that guy/girl that was killing at the start only to find they went to hard to early and have nothing left to finish the WOD, or find they keep getting “No Repped” because they don’t have the energy to complete quality reps. You don’t want to be doing more work than you need too. Nothing will zap you more than hearing the words “No Rep”. Use that little bit of extra focus and energy to make each rep count, don’t rush them, quality of movement is key not only for a good rep but for energy efficiency. If your fatigued rest up enough so you can complete the reps with good form.

7) Have Fun And Show Good Sportsmanship

At the end of the day it’s all about having fun and enjoying the day. Don’t take things to seriously and always show respect and good sportsmanship to your judges, volunteers and fellow competitors. Remember that most of the staff and crew put together to run the event are volunteering their time so don’t give them a hard time if something doesn’t go your way and whether you win or lose be gracious and respectful in both victory or defeat!

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