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The 5 Best Tips For Better Performance In Your CrossFit Workouts

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CrossFit Performance

Here are 5 tips that are guaranteed to improve your performance and speed up your recovery times.

1. Sleep

A good night sleep is going to greatly improve your performance. Sleep is where we get most of our gains so if your lacking it then you need to find a way to get a good nights sleep every night ASAP. You need 7-9hrs of sleep a day to get the recovery your body needs both mentally and physically. This is the most important, the most overlooked and the most disrespected side to recovery.

2. Rest/Recovery Days

If you are someone that is in the box 5-6 days a week then you will see better results if you incorporate an active recovery day into your training program. A an active recovery day is still a day of exercise but it is done with less intensity (Going Easy). I hate to say it but for all you older athlete’s this is a must.
Rest days are a complete day off and you should have at least 1-2 of these a week and older athletes (like myself) should be leaning more towards the 2 days off.

3. Mobility

We go hard for 20 -40 minutes 4-6 times a week so how often do you mobilise? Improved mobility around the joints will improve efficiency and greatly reduce the chance of injury. Spending some time on the foam roller and bands before and after a workout will improve recovery time so you won’t feel as sore and stiff the next day. For every hour of exercise you should be doing at least 15mins of mobility/flexibility work.

4. Hydration

As CrossFitters we tend to sweat quite a lot. It is normal for the average person to lose 2 litres of fluid in one session. The question is do you replace it?
Here is how you can measure how much fluid you lose over one session. Weigh yourself before the session and then weigh yourself straight after. The difference in weight will give you a clear indication of how much fluid you have lost.
Electrolytes – Understand that its not just fluid being lost so by taking a electrolyte drink like Hydrolite or Gatorade you will help to replace any electrolytes lost as well.

5. Post Workout Shake

You have a 1 hour window after training that is what I like to call the window of opportunity. Feed your body the right fuel in this time frame and you will greatly reduce the chance of feeling sore and tired the following day. If you follow the suggested guidelines in our “Post Workout Recovery Shake” handout and you will see a huge reduction in soreness the next day and a faster recovery time. This will allow you to hit the workouts harder and work at higher intensity next session.

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