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Your Competition Bag Checklist

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Be fully prepared for your next CrossFit competition by making sure you have packed everything you need for a hard day of competition. “Be prepared for the known and unknown” with this list of item’s that I believe everyone should have in their bag of tricks come competition day.


Bring enough clothing so you can stay warm in between events. If it going to be cold make sure you pack lots of clothes. To much is better than not enough. Don’t make the day any harder than it needs to be. The last thing you want is to be freezing cold between events. If its going to be hot then bringing your own shade can make a huge difference between events.

☐ Shirts/tank tops (at least 3)

☐ Spare shorts (at least 2)

☐ Training pants

☐ Spare underwear

☐ Spare sports bras

☐ Spare socks

WOD Accessories

☐ Weightlifting Shoes

☐ CrossFit shoes

☐ Knee sleeves/knee warmers

☐ Weightlifting belt

☐ Strength wraps/ wrist wraps

☐ Long socks for rope climbs

☐ Tape – strapping, rocktape etc.

☐ Gloves or hand grips

☐ Skipping rope

Mobility Tools

☐ Small foam roller

☐ Lacrosse Balls

☐ Mobility Bands

☐ Voodoo Floss

First Aid/Personal Hygiene

☐ First aid kit

☐ Towel/sports towel

☐ Deodorant

Optional: (Can have packed in your car just in case)

☐ Blanket, rug and pillow

☐ Chair

☐ Headphones for listening to music

☐ Phone charger

☐ Extra cash/Photo ID

Fuelling Your Body

☐ Esky or cooler

☐ Meals/Snacks

☐ Protein shakes and recovery drinks

There is usually good quality food available at most CrossFit events so if you don’t have a problem spending the money then purchasing food, beverages and recovery drinks at the venue can be a much more convenient option.

You may want to add to this list but by having these items you will be set come competition day so that all you will need to worry about are the WOD’s.

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